Surf travel checklist: a visual guide of what to bring and how to pack

Since summer and holiday season is here on the northern hemisphere, I thought I make a surf travel checklist in a visual form to make sure you don’t forget to pack all the things for your (surfing) holiday.

Essentials for ladies:

Insider tip: My girlfriend tells me this is the only bikini shape that doesn’t hurt her (even under a wetsuit).

Essentials for guys:

Insider tip: the key lock is useful if you are going with others who also surf the same time like you do. Yes, you can hide carkeys around the car, or in the bush, but you know it’s not a good idea..

Earplugs and lip balm are something I never cared about, until they started really hurting. You can be a tough guy and realise this when you get surfer’s ear, or you can start taking care of yourself before it hurts. Up to you.

If you are bringing board(s), don’t forget the following as well:

Make sure you check the surf forecast and plan accordingly. If you need help on how to select your board, you can use this cheat sheet to decide what size of surfboard should you get.



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