Static stretching for surfers

Stretching for surfers

Step 2: Static stretching

In static stretching, you work on increasing flexibility. These are the stretches when you push the limits of how far you can lean forward on your legs etc.

For static stretches I have a couple of basic rules:

  • Positioning is everything. Be specific about how you stretch. Most people don’t stretch, they just try to look like they are stretching.

  • Good stretching is uncomfortable but, not painful. Know the difference. A little discomfort means you are well positioned.
  • Use different techniques. Activate the antagonist muscles (e.g. both the glutes in the back and the abs in the front is tight on the above picture), do long statics, use active stretches.
  • Stretch all areas. Don’t focus on one.

It is more dangerous to be overly flexible in one muscle group than to be tight in all of them. Don’t just do the stretches you like or are good at, in fact maybe eliminate or abbreviate the ones you are good at and work harder on the ones where you are more stiff.

Complete static stretching for surfers cheat sheet

Below is a complete routine that can be done in 5 minutes. You can also download the below routine as a 1 page cheat sheet that will help you to stretch the key areas for surfing in 5 minutes at home.

Body parts, muscles that you should stretch for surfing:

So before you hit the water, here are some of my favorite warm-up stretches and why they are useful.

1, 90 degrees glute stretch

2, Downward facing dog

3, Frog stretch

4, Quadriceps stretch (hip flexors)

5, Shoulder mobility T-spine

How long do you hold the static stretch?

 Probably about 15-30 sec in each position. We try to think breathes these days so 3-5 breathes will do it. You should always concentrate on prepare you respiratory system before surfing especially because of those messy wipe outs. During stretching try to take a deep breath through your nose for 2-4 sec and than exhale through the mouth for 5-7 sec.

A lot of people rush the stretches and rushing stretches makes about as much sense as rushing yoga. Stay calm and do it properly. Download the 1 page cheat sheet that will help you to stretch the key areas for surfing in 5 minutes at home.

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