Practice more powerful surf turns in your home – FREE cheat sheet with videos

Let’s face it, making turns is why we put up with all the paddling, lineup politics, and wipeouts. In spite of this, I see so many surfers who work hard to learn surfing, get fit, start catching a lot of waves, and then proceed to make the most basic mistake with their turns.

How long does it take for you to practice surf turns in the water 100 times?

Surf turns can be difficult to practice in the water, as you have to paddle up, wait in the line up, catch a wave, avoid other surfers and then paddle back behind the wave break to practice it. This is not the most efficient way to memorise the right sequence of movements for your surf turns. In one session maybe you get ride 10, max. 20 waves before you get completely exhausted.

Imagine that you could speed up your development by committing the entire movement at home 100x in just a few days. Next time you are standing on your board and the wave is breaking behind you, the movement will be automatic and you can focus more on practicing your bottom turns and even cutbacks. Wouldn’t that be a lot more fun?

Improve your surf turns at home in 5 minutes

Access my cheat sheet here to improve your surf turns home in 5 minutes:

  • understand what mistakes you are currently making with your surf turns
  • learn the correct form with videos
  • practice them at home using simple to follow drills

For a teaser, here is one of the drills that you will practice:


Piece by piece, I’ve deconstructed the surf turn sequence for you, using everything from drills to worksheets to make your surf turn smoother and more explosive. You can now access all of this wisdom in a 15 day email sequence, complete with videos.  

Learn surf turns – email lesson example

Get reminders and nudging to actually improve, not just read blog posts

Downloading the worksheet will not help you if you don’t do the exercises. To help you follow through, I have also put together some email reminders to help you do the drills.

  • So if you are serious about improving I will walk you through your surf turn cheat sheet in email step by step. It is free.
  • I will send you a nudge and the exercise you need to complete. You look at the video on your phone, do it in 5 minutes and go about your day.

The science behind surf turns practice

Making your surf turn more consistent and reliable starts with a solid foundation. From there, we can drill with simple exercises and eventually focus on specific techniques that can make your surf turn more powerful. Finally, the time has come for you to piece all those movements together for one fluid movement you can perform from muscle memory. This is when we drill in the entire surf turn movement.

Here is your chance to download the learn the surf turn cheat sheet and videos.

Do you know what is the number 1 thing holding back your progress in surfing?

Takes 2 minutes

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