is a free online surf school about how to surf. You can find simple surf lessons and guides on how to surf including pictures and videos. Learn how to surf from catching the first wave to doing cutbacks and aerials while avoiding the typical beginner mistakes.


We provide actionable, simple to follow advice that you can use to spend more time on the waves.

The community is also a place where you can ask your surf related questions to pros (including our lead instructor Gershon Borlai) and fellow surfers.


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Here are 3 ways to start improving your surfing for your next session right away:


1, Find your number 1 surf blocker and watch the video that can help you to resolve it. It takes 2 minutes and you can start here.


2, Improve the 3 key areas in surfing with our cheat sheets:


3, Take daily action: Sign up for drills (with videos) that you can do at home to improve your paddling, pop up, and surf turns in the next 15 days.

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